Office of the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario (CVO) is to provide leadership in preserving and enhancing animal and public health within a strong agri-food sector.

The position of Chief Veterinarian for Ontario (CVO) was created in May 2005, giving Ontarians a single voice to advocate on behalf of animal health and related food safety issues. The CVO will play a lead role in the event of an animal health or related food safety emergency in the province. The CVO also maintains links with the Chief Veterinarian of Canada, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, Emergency Management Ontario, other ministries and other provinces. The Animal Health & Welfare Branch supports the Chief Veterinarian for Ontario.

The CVO works closely with other areas within OMAFRA, other government Ministries, federal government agencies, industry and academia to better integrate programs and information related to animal health and public health in Ontario and nationally. For example, the CVO maintains strong links to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Animal Health Laboratory at the University of Guelph in prevention, detection and response activities and planning. These strong relationships and coordinated efforts will create a transparent and robust system that prevents and manages risks to animal and related public health in Ontario.

Chief Veterinarian - Dr. Leslie Woodcock, Director, Animal Health and Welfare Branch, OMAFRA


Livestock Health Management and Biosecurity

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Author: Paul Innes - Lead Veterinarian, Provincial Biosecurity/Animal Health & Welfare Branch/OMAFRA
Creation Date: 01 June 2006
Last Reviewed: 28 January 2016