Removable Equipment Cleaning Procedure


Equipment Type equipment name here
Cleaning Method Type instruction here. For example, dismantle instructions if required, or foam cleaning with high pressure rinsing
Use This Detergent Type the actual product name here along with concentration, temperature and time information. For example, Zep Formula 101184
Use This Sanitizer Type the actual product name here. For example, Zep Alcosan
Cleaning Frequency Type how often the equipment should be cleaned, for example, daily or mid-shift
Critical Points Type the areas that need special attention, for example, injection needles and belt pad.
Person Responsible Insert the name of the individual who is responsible for implementation and maintenance
  1. Preparation
    Remove products, packaging and ingredients. Take apart equipment for cleaning.
  2. Rough Cleaning
    Remove skin, fat, meat scraps and other waste. Use brooms, shovels or vacuums to remove waste. Sanitize these tools after use.
  3. Sink 1 Wash
    Wash items with a degreaser. Follow manufacturer instructions.
  4. Sink 2 Rinse
    Rinse degreaser from the equipment.
    If equipment is not clean, go back to step 3.
  5. Sink 3 Sanitize
    Dip equipment into sink water, using sanitizer according to manufacturer instructions. Place sanitized equipment in a rack to dry.

Personal Protective Equipment Required

- protective apron, boots, gloves

Cleaning Equipment Required

- scrub brush, scraper, scouring pad

Always refer to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) data sheets.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 28 January 2013
Last Reviewed: 28 January 2013