Provincially Licensed Meat Plants

Current as of: 20 September 2016

Abattoirs by Animal Class

Click on a desired animal class to see the location of plants that specialize in the slaughter of these animals across the province of Ontario. Click on a plant marker on the map to identify the plant name, plant number, address, telephone number and animal classes. Click "html" to see the spreadsheet through your web browser.


All Abattoirs HTML Version

Abattoirs Conducting Further Processing HTML Version

Red MeatRed Meat Plants

Alpaca, Llama HTML Version

Beef HTML Version

Buffalo, Yak HTML Version

Deer, Elk HTML Version

Emus, Ostrich, Rhea HTML Version

Goats, Lamb, Sheep HTML Version

Pigs HTML Version

Veal, Light Calves HTML Version

White Meat White Meat Plants

Chicken, Fowl HTML Version

Ducks, Geese HTML Version

Fancy Poultry HTML Version

Rabbits HTML Version

Turkey HTML Version

Freestanding Meat Plants Free Standing Meat Plants

Freestanding Meat Plants HTML Version

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