Label Requirements for Ontario Maple Products Other than Maple Syrup

Ontario Regulation 119/11

Labelling requirements set out on this page are for maple products other than maple syrup. For maple syrup labelling requirements, refer to the “Label Requirements for Maple Syrup in Ontario” page.


Ontario Regulation (O. Reg.) 119/11 Produce, Honey and Maple Products under the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001 regulates the grading, packaging, labelling, transporting and sale of maple products.

The regulation applies to all maple products produced in Ontario that are packed or repacked in an Ontario establishment that is not federally registered within the meaning of the Canada Agricultural Products Act Maple Products Regulations. It also applies to maple products produced outside Ontario that are packed or repacked in non-federally registered Ontario establishments. Any person who packs, transports or sells maple products prepared in a non-federally registered establishment in Ontario must ensure maple syrup meets the grading requirements and all maple products meet the packing and labelling requirements of O. Reg. 119/11.

Maple Products

A maple product, for the purposes of this infosheet, is any product, other than maple syrup, which is obtained exclusively from the concentration of maple sap and includes products such as maple sugar, maple taffy and maple butter.

Maple Product Container Requirments

A “container” is any bottle, jar, bag, pail, drum or other receptacle containing maple product. Maple products may be packed in any container provided it is clean, sound and made of food grade material. Consumer containers shall not have been previously used and shall be securely closed.


A “label” includes any mark, sign, device, ticket, tag, imprint or stamp applied directly onto a container or otherwise affixed or attached to the container by any means. Every container of maple product requires a label containing the information outlined below. The labelling requirements apply to all consumer and bulk containers, including containers of maple products for use in the production of other foods.

A container filled by a consumer from a bulk display or dispenser at the time of purchase is not required to be labelled. Labelling requirements in O. Reg. 119/11 are in addition to requirements in the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and the Food and Drugs Act. For example, the Food and Drug Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act require nutritional labelling on consumer containers.

Label Requirements for Maple Products Other than Maple Syrup

Every container of maple product must have a label with the following information:

  • the name of the maple product
  • the name and full address of the packer or, if the maple product is packed on behalf of a retailer, producer or other person, the name and full address of the person on whose behalf the maple product is packed
    • A full address means sufficient information to identify the exact location of the relevant person¡¦s premises, such as a municipal address or property identification number and includes a postal code.
  • the net weight of the maple product
  • the place of origin, if required (see place of origin requirements)

Place of Origin Requirements

When maple product is produced outside Ontario and transported into Ontario in bulk for packaging and sale within Ontario, or when Ontario maple product is blended with maple syrup produced outside Ontario, the label on a container must include information on the maple product’s place of origin in addition to the information above. See the table below or place of origin requirements.

Non-Blended Maple Product
Maple Product Origin Place of Origin Requirment Examples
Ontario No place of origin requirements
Province other than Ontario (e.g. Quebec) “Product of Quebec” or “Product of Canada”
Outside of Canada (e.g. USA) “Product of USA”

Blended Maple Product
Maple Product Origins Place of Origin Requirement Examples
Ontario and a province other than Ontario “Product of Ontario and Quebec” or “Product of Canada”
Ontario and outside of Canada “Product of Ontario and USA”

Although not a requirement under O. Reg. 119/11, where maple product is wholly produced and packaged in Ontario for sale in Ontario, a producer/packer may optionally include “Product of Ontario” on the label.


False or misleading information on any label or container or in any advertisement of maple product is prohibited by O. Reg. 119/11. This includes, but is not limited to, misrepresenting:

  • the name and address of:
    • the packer, or
    • if the packer packs the maple product on behalf of a retailer, producer or other person, the person on whose behalf it is packed
  • the place where the maple product originated
  • the amount of maple product contained in the container

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Author: Paul Bailey - Risk Identification and Management Coordinator/OMAFRA
Creation Date: 02 September 2011
Last Reviewed: 18 Mars 2016