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Sandra Jones, Client Services Officer ( or 519-826-3947)

Maple syrup has a long history in Ontario. With our province being a primary location for production, it’s easy for consumers to purchase local maple syrup products.

With over 80 per cent of principal grocery shoppers in Ontario reporting that they intend to buy local and over 90 per cent saying that they recognize the Foodland Ontario (FO) logo as representing local grown and processed food, co-branding with the Foodland Ontario logo enables you to easily drive home the local food message.

Foodland Ontario Logo

Producers, retailers, and foodservice businesses are welcome to apply to use the Foodland Ontario logo on their Ontario food products. Branding locally is smart, raises your profile, and ultimately, your bottom line. Foodland Ontario strongly encourages you to participate in co-branding to help promote your local products. Applying to use either the Foodland Ontario logo or the Foodland Ontario Organic logo is an easy, cost-free process.

Follow the steps below to get a Foodland Ontario agreement:

  1. Ensure your product falls within the consumer and industry approved definitions of Ontario food products. For maple syrup – 100 per cent of the product must be collected, processed and packaged in Ontario. To use the Foodland Ontario Organic logo, your product must also be certified to the Canadian organic standards.
  2. Send an email, letter, or fax to Foodland Ontario, with the requirements below:
    1. Demonstrate how your product meets the approved definitions of Ontario food products.
    2. Explain how you plan to use the Foodland Ontario or Foodland Ontario Organic logo.
    3. Provide a copy of your organic certification (if you wish to use the Foodland Ontario Organic logo).
  3. Food processors, retailers and food service operators can also apply to use the logo by proving that they source their produce from local vendors who meet the approved definitions of Ontario food products.

If your product meets the above standards, we will send you a logo agreement which you will need to fill out and return to Foodland Ontario.

Besides having access to an easily recognizable local food brand, one of the great benefits of being a Foodland Ontario logo holder is access to merchandising material. All merchandising material is free of charge for those who have an agreement. Products can be ordered on-line, by fax or by mail. Please visit Foodland Ontario for a catalogue of all our available materials and order forms.

*Information taken from the Foodland Ontario 2015 Advertising & Awareness Tracking Research Study.

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Author: Sandra Jones, Client Services Officer
Creation Date: December 2016
Last Reviewed: December 2016