Your Business Plan

Table of Content

  1. Business and Marketing
  2. Your Guide to Food Processing
  3. Organic Production and Markets
  4. On-farm Sales
  5. Specialty Food Markets
  6. Agri-tourism

This section highlights information that you will need for developing a viable business plan. To expand income possibilities and reach a wider market, a beekeeper may also choose to explore agri-tourism opportunities.

Business and Marketing

Agricultural Business Management

Growing Your Farm Profits

Farm Business Partnerships

Ontario Market Investment Fund

Diagnosing and Managing Cash Flow Problems

Ontario Resources for Your Business

Your Guide to Food Processing

Starting a Food Processing Business

Organic Production and Markets

Organic Agriculture Fact Sheets and Info Sheets

On Farm Sales

Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association

Selling at Farmers Markets

Specialty Food Markets

Targeting for Specialty and Gourmet Food Markets


Managing Risks on Farms Open to the Public

Safety for Guests to your Farm

Tourism Business

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 29 January 2010
Last Reviewed: 18 February 2014