Industry Associations and Organizations

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  4. North America / International

Beekeeping associations and organizations can be found throughout Ontario, as well as across Canada and most parts of the world. There is a wealth of valuable online information about all aspects of beekeeping and honey production. We encourage you to explore the links below to learn more about this fascinating industry.


Agri-Business University of Guelph e-Campus

Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario

Greenbelt Foundation

Ontario Bee Keepers Association - List of Local Associations

Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association

Ontario Farm Safety Association

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation

Selling at Farmers' Markets

Tourism Business

Other Provinces

Alberta Beekeepers Association

Alberta Honey Producers

B.C. Bee Breeders Association

Fédération des Apiculteurs du Québec

Manitoba Beekeepers Association
Manitoba Honey Producers

New Brunswick - Honey Bees and Beekeeping

Quebec Beekeeping Museum


Agriculture Adaptation Council

Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturalists

Canadian Honey Council

Canadian Organic Growers

North America / International

African Beekeepers Resource Centre

American Association of Professional Apiculturalists

American Beekeepers Federation

American Honey Producers Association

Bees for Development

British Beekeepers Association

Eastern Apiculture Society of North America, Inc.

International Federation of Beekeepers Associations

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