Good Things Grow in Ontario

Foodland Ontario: promoting the depth, breadth and variety of Ontario foods.

Building Awareness and Demand

The Foodland Ontario program drives consumer demand and interest in all Ontario foods. Through various marketing activities, the program encourages consumers to be aware of the breadth, depth and variety of the fresh food Ontario has to offer. It also encourages consumers to purchase those foods in grocery stores, farmers' markets, on-farm markets and restaurants across the province.

The program includes an advertising campaign designed to increase interest in and demand for fresh, high-quality Ontario foods through advertisements on television, transit, the Internet, bill-boards and the radio.

Who is our Target Audience?

Ontario's principal grocery shoppers: the person identified as the principal grocery shopper in each household with primary or shared responsibility for food shopping.

  • Adults age 24-59
  • Comprised of about 70%women and 30%men.
  • 94% recognition of the Foodland Ontario logo by Ontario's principal grocery shoppers.
  • 84% support the program.

Research-Driven Approach

Gaining consumers' insights into their purchasing decisions has been an integral part of the Foodland Ontario program. Through this research, Foodland Ontario better understands how Ontario consumers select food and the role point of origin plays in purchase decisions.

How do we do our Research?

  • Foodland Ontario's 2011 study involved approximately 1,500 Internet interviews with members of our target audience.
  • It was conducted in 13 representative Ontario communities with populations of not less than approximately 100,000 in November 2011.

Advertising and Promotion

Along with the jingle "Good Things Grow in Ontario," this year's creative campaign focused on "the Good." For example, billboards invited people to "Slice the Good" and "Savour the Good" while showing Ontario pears or peaches, depending on the season.

Foodland Ontario's commercials normally reach more than 90% of its target audience.

In 2011, through Foodland Ontario's Public Relations program:

  • Home economists representing Foodland Ontario appeared 174 times on television and radio stations across the province promoting Ontario foods and providing seasonal tips and recipes.
  • Foodland Ontario's Public Relations program maintained 650 food media contacts.
  • An audience of 8.4 million was reached through print and television campaigns.

With over 400 logo agreements with Ontario food producers, the Foodland Ontario logo is now visible across the entire retail store. The logo is also assisting the marketing efforts of Ontario producers and processors to capture new key niche markets, such as food for health (e.g. Gray Ridge "Healthy Natural Choice" vitamin-enhanced eggs).

The Foodland Ontario program was promoted at events such as Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, the International Plowing Match and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

The Foodland Ontario program distributes a wide variety of resources including posters, calendars, recipe books, recipe cards, nutrition guides and availability guides. These resources are used to connect with consumers and to promote the good things that grow in Ontario. In 2011-12, the Foodland Ontario program distributed over 700,000 copies of 2012 Foodland calendar in retail stores, LCBO stores and magazines, at farmers’ markets and on-farm markets. Through the summer and fall of 2011, two Foodland Ontario recipe books (250,000 each) were distributed in Ontario food-friendly magazines, in stores, farmers’ markets and on-farm markets.

In the summer of 2011, Foodland Ontario ran a Good Things Grow in Ontario Road Show & Retail Events campaign that was interactive, fun, educational and family-friendly. The objective was to promote and showcase the good things that grow in Ontario and encourage families to buy local. This 35 event promotion reached out to over one-quarter of a million people who enjoyed almost 200,000 delicious samples of locally grown food. During this period, Foodland Ontario’s Facebook profile grew by 250% bringing the Facebook Fan total in the late summer of 2011 to over 40,000. Foodland Ontario now has over 80,000 Facebook Fans.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 08 May 2007
Last Reviewed: 19-Dec-2007