Career Bridge

What Is It?

Career Bridge is an innovative program for employers seeking qualified workers and for recent immigrants seeking professional level positions in their fields of expertise.

Career Bridge offers paid internships of four, six, nine or 12 months for recent immigrants:

  • with fluency in English
  • with at least a Bachelor's level education
  • with a minimum of three years international work experience

The program is run by Career Edge Organization, a not-for-profit social enterprise that has managed over 9,200 paid internships across Canada since 1996.

How Is the Program Financed?

The Government of Ontario has provided infrastructure funding. Host organizations pay the intern's salary.

What Is the Benefit to My Company?

Career Bridge can help you fill a wide range of professional and managerial positions while minimizing the recruiting costs and risks. The program provides:

  • candidate pre-screening to ensure applicants are eligible to work in Canada and have relevant experience and language skills
  • payroll and related HR administration
  • access to a fast, effective, on-line recruiting process

It is a cost-effective way for you to access a pool of mature, experienced talent that can address your current skills shortages, diversify your labour force and expand your international expertise. It also allows you to test the waters before making hiring commitments.

How Does It Work?

Once you become a host employer, you recruit and select candidates from the on-line Career Bridge candidate pool. The successful candidate becomes an employee of your organization, while the Career Edge Organization handles the administration of the intern's pay, taxes and workers compensation. You will be invoiced for the salary and program delivery fee.

As a host organization, you are responsible for the day-to-day duties and supervision of the intern. As well, you must agree to provide the intern:

  • a career launching experience in a professional workplace
  • a designated coach who will mentor the intern throughout the internship
  • opportunities for professional development and networking
  • performance management, regular evaluations and feedback

Who Qualifies?

Any company can apply to become a host organization.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, complete the on-line host organization application form. A representative of Career Edge Organization will contact you to review your application and discuss the approval process, which includes a host agreement form and on-line profile.

Once approval is given, you can begin posting internship opportunities almost immediately.

What Will It Cost?

The employer cost (based on 2008) for a 12-month internship in Ontario is approximately $33,180. This includes the intern's salary, payroll taxes, GST, source deductions, workers' compensation and the Career Bridge program delivery fee. This amount is not a reflection of the value of the job, or the candidate's qualifications. This is a stipend to help offset the intern's living expenses while he/she gains Canadian work experience.

Some host organizations choose to reward their interns with a bonus paid in addition to the basic intern stipend. Bonuses can be paid at any point during the internship.

The Career Bridge program delivery fee covers:

  • posting internships on the Career Bridge site and access to the registrant pool
  • English-language, work eligibility and educational assessment screening of candidates
  • processing of intern payroll, invoicing, tax remittances and related administration
  • overall management of the internship

Where Can I Find More Information?

The Career Bridge website.
Tel: (416) 977-EDGE (3343)
Toll-free: 1-888-507-EDGE (3343)
Fax: (416) 977-4090