Marketing, Trade and Investment

Consumers want safe, high quality food and beverage products - and Ontario processors deliver! The following resources will help you maximize your sales in Ontario and abroad:

Ontario Market Investment Fund (OMIF)

The Ontario Market Investment Fund will improve consumer access to locally produced foods by supporting industry and local food network marketing and co-ordination efforts.

Domestic Marketing (Foodland Ontario/Pick Ontario Freshness)

Omafra's Domestic Marketing Unit

Brand Services

Pick Ontario Freshness Strategy

Export Marketing and Trade

Ontario Food Exports (OFEX)

OFEX Staff

Trade Statistics - Ontario

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - International Business

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Trade Shows and Educational Seminars

Invest in Ontario's Food Processing Industry

Why Ontario is the best choice for your food processing business

Invest in Ontario

Investment Canada Act

Investment Support

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 02 January 2010
Last Reviewed: 19 February 2010