Advantage Good Agricultural Practices

Advantage Good Agricultural Practices is a voluntary program for both crop and livestock farms. It takes a whole farm approach to food safety. That means you can apply the practices to any farm, any size, no matter what production methods or products you produce. If you have a multi-commodity farm, you can follow the Advantage program using one manual and keep one set of records

iGAP - the Advantage Good Agricultural Practices manual and more as an interactive CD. Call 1 877-424-1300 for your free copy.

Why Advantage?

  • It can be tailored to any farm and supports all food safety programs
  • You'll always be ready for a food safety audit.
  • You can use one set of practices across your operation. That means just one set of records to keep.

When you join Advantage, you will get:

  • Tools to identify risks on your farm
  • Practices to manage the risks and tips to help you implement them
  • Templates to maintain one set of records for your entire operation
Advantage Good Ag Practices manual cover
Cost : $25
iGAP CD Cover

Call to order: 1 877-424-1300

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 15 March 2009
Last Reviewed: 24 June 2011