Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Posters

Did you know?...

Improper food storage and poor personal hygiene are the top two causes of food borne illnesses.

Source: Center For Disease Control and Prevention, 2004

Adopting food safety practices bring direct business benefits such as reducing the risk of food contamination and expansion of your customer base.

Good Manufacturing Practices posters are now available for all food processors to help implement food safety practices - free of charge!

These posters are:

  • Highly illustrated with clear, easy to understand coloured pictures - providing instant clear reminders to all employees and visitors
  • Durable and water resistant - ideal for posting anywhere in your facility
  • 8 ½ x 11" in size - making them easy to post where employees can see
  • Available in English/Spanish or French/Spanish versions.

Hot tips listed on the reverse of each poster provide quick information on how to implement food safety practices.

  Choose from a range of food safety topics, including:

Handwashing Poster


Wash Hands Often Poster

Wash Hands Often

When Handling Food Poster

 When Handling Food

Store Food and Packaging Poster

 Store Food and Packaging Properly

Inspect Vehicle Before Loading and Shipping

 Inspect Vehicle Before Loading and Shipping

Use Hand Sanitizers Properly

 Use Hand Sanitizers Properly



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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 09 December 2011
Last Reviewed: 08 June 2018