Pillitteri Estates Winery - The World's Taste of the Finer Things

With over 600 domestic and international wine awards, Pillitteri Estates Winery has proven that a small, family-owned business can thrive in the international market. A family-owned winery, Pillitteri focuses on premium wines and is committed to the premiumization of all VQA Canadian wines and icewines. Positioning icewine as a uniquely Canadian premium product, Pillitteri has been able to reach into the Far East market, and has helped to promote the Canadian identity.

"In rapidly growing icewine markets, particularly China, we have created a permanent presence with domestic partners, which includes the opening of winery retail stores and regular attendance at trade shows," said Charlie Pillitteri, CEO. "It was my father's vision that we create a premium product, following his passion for wine and the Canadian agricultural sector."

The company has grown into the largest estate icewine producer in the world and is number one in estate winery exports, now exporting to over 30 countries worldwide including China, Japan, Caribbean, Russia, Mexico, Germany and Korea. Icewine accounts for half of Pillitteri production and the other half is aromatic white wines, such as Rieslings and full-bodied reds. In Canada, Pillitteri sells its products to the LCBO, Ontario restaurants and at its winery, which receives more than 100,000 visitors a year. Pillitteri's products are now available in Duty Free stores, Canadian embassies around the globe, world renowned restaurants, and retail stores in countries everywhere.

Working with a Chinese partner, Pillitteri created Canbest Inc. to promote and distribute Canadian products in China, including their own icewine, as well as other Ontario-made products and foods. Starting in 2011 with two Canbest stores, Pillitteri has recently opened the Canadian Lifestyle Centre to promote Canadian business, to act as Pillitteri's China Division headquarters and to operate its 25 wine retail stores throughout China.

The export market is so important to Pillitteri that a division of the company has been set up to deal directly with large export markets. The company embraces new technology, as it continues to improve products, protect brand integrity, and has been instrumental in the innovation of new icewine varietals.

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