HoneyBar - Exporting Success that is Out of This World

Over the 17 years that Wayne Spalding has owned HoneyBar, he has seen some significant progress that is tempered with a commitment to the foundation of the company and the inspiration from its original owner to create nutritious bars like he enjoyed in Greece.

Started as an in home business the company has continued strong growth and is now poised to grow even more, with a move planned in June of this year, they will be able to produce as many as 10 times the quantity of bars, thanks to the innovative new processing equipment designed and built by Mr. Spalding's business partner, Helder Lopes. What makes the company unique is that they use ONLY 100% honey as a binder, sweetener and preservative for their bars. They have also developed a process where the bars are not cut reducing exposed ingredients and expanding the shelf life of the bars.

"We at HoneyBar have a long-term commitment to exporting," said Mr. Spalding. "Part of that strategy is to participate in numerous buyer meetings and tradeshows around the world. Over the years, we have built strong working relationships with buyers and retailers and have seen success in exporting, reaching the markets of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact we are a supplier to the Walmart Superstores across the U.S."

Two years ago their exporting sky rocketed with a call from the Canadian Space Agency. They were looking for food options to send up to the International Space Station with Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield. After talking about the product, an order was placed and HoneyBar went into space with Commander Hatfield in December 2012, with another shipment that went in January.

The company also does retail boxes and private labels. By going to market in a variety of ways, and reaching out to customers around the globe, HoneyBar is poised for incredible future success.

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Local: (519) 826-4047
E-mail: goexport@omafra.gov.on.ca
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Last Reviewed: 29 April 2013