Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd. - Creating Export Value from Farm to Fork

As part of a value chain that is committed to make best use of the entire animal harvest, Conestoga Meat Packers, in Breslau Ontario, has been able to realise the greatest return for its owners and the best value for its worldwide customers. Conestoga Meat Packers is a farmer-owned, hog processing co-operative which processes 15,000 hogs per week with over 40% of the company's product being exported from Canada, and more than half of that leaving North America!

"Our vertically integrated "farm to fork" approach incorporates the full value chain," says Arnold Drung, President. "We have implemented systems which allow the company the flexibility to meet export market requirements in a timely fashion. By having control of the full production cycle from birth of the animal through processing and marketing of finished product, we have been able to able to adapt to changing export requirements."

Conestoga's exports have expanded beyond the US market in recent years thanks in large part to their participation in trade missions and the development of their website.

"Our interactive website was created to further attract and develop relationships with international buyers," said Mr. Drung. "The website includes virtual tours highlighting production and world class processing techniques in five different languages - Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese."

Conestoga regularly participates in trade missions to target markets including Russia, China, Korea, Japan, as well as being a delegate on the recent Premier's 2013 Ontario Trade Mission to China. The company develops marketing materials in cooperation with Canada Pork International and Branding Canada through Agriculture and Agrifood Canada to showcase the Canadian value proposition.

Mr. Drung says it best: "Conestoga Meat Packers realizes that we now operate in a truly global market place, and creating opportunities and partnerships around the world, both in person and online, has been a key to our success. We are very proud of where our work has taken us and where we are going in the future!"

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Last Reviewed: 29 April 2013