Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm - Summary

Everyone associated with the design and operation of a farm building should have fire safety in mind. Farm operators need to consider the safety of their family, workers and animals. Extensive financial loss and business interruption are critical reasons to follow fire safety best practices. These practices include the consistent application of existing regulatory requirements, and best management practices that further reduce risk. Ensure the farm is properly insured to reduce the impact of fire.

Farm buildings present a unique fire risk situation. For example, some farms are very large or have wet, corrosive environments where normal electrical installations are not safe enough. There are cost effective ways to improve the fire safety characteristics of a building, particularly at the design stage. Many of the leading causes of barn fires have been identified and the farming community needs to take action to address these causes.

Many fire safety precautions and procedures are in place to limit the severity and effects of fire. Separating high risk areas from the rest of the building, properly constructing and maintaining fire stops, and implementing a training program are some of the ways to reduce the impact of fire on the farm.

With attention to detail, fire safety risks to farm workers, emergency responders and animals can be reduced, and the trend of increasing financial losses reversed.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 21 November 2012
Last Reviewed: 17 January 2014