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Field Crop Protection Guide 2011-2012, Order 2011-2012 publication

Table of Contents

  1. Integrated Pest Management Options
      • carbathiin + thiram – Vitaflo 280
      • difenoconazole + metalaxyl-M – Dividend XL RTA
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Integrated Pest Management Options

Seed Treatment

Sow into a well-prepared seed bed under good growing conditions. Avoid cool, wet conditions that will reduce emergence and increase seed rots and blights. Treat seed with a fungicide seed treatment.

Active ingredient carbathiin + thiram
Trade name Vitaflo 280
Rate (product) 230-330 mL per 100 kg seed
Comments Do not graze or feed livestock on treated areas for 4 weeks after planting.

Active ingredient difenoconazole + metalaxyl-M
Trade name Dividend XL RTA
Rate (product) 325-650 mL per 100 kg seed
Comments For both commercial seed treatment plants and on-farm treatment using standard gravity flow- or mist-type seed treatment equipment. May also be used in treat-on-the-go seeder. Do not graze, feed green forage or cut for hay within 35 days of planting.

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