Cereals: Rye: Powdery Mildew (Erysiphe graminis f. sp. secalis)

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Field Crop Protection Guide 2011-2012, Order 2011-2012 publication

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  1. Integrated Pest Management Options
      • pyraclostrobin – Headline EC
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Integrated Pest Management Options

In most cases, powdery mildew has little impact on rye since the crop is very resistant to the disease.

Active ingredient pyraclostrobin
Trade name Headline EC
Rate per hectare (product) 400-600 mL per ha
Rate per acre (product) 160-240 mL per ac
PHI* Do not apply at boot stage and beyond.
Comments Ground and aerial application. For optimal disease control, apply immediately after flag leaf emergencee (Zadok's 37). Do not apply at boot stage (Zadok's 47) and beyond. Maximum 2 applications/yr. 12-hr re-entry period.


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