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  1. Leaf, Stem and Head Diseases
      • metconazole - Caramba
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Leaf, Stem and Head Diseases

For information on this disease, see FUSARIUM HEAD BLIGHT (Fusarium graminearum), on page 60.

Active ingredient metconazole
Trade name Caramba
Rate per hectare (product) 1 L per ha
Rate per acre (product) 0.4 L per ac
PHI* 30
Comments Provides suppression only. Ground and aerial application. Timing of application is critical. Apply at 20% flowering (Zadok's 61-63) using sprayer nozzles configured to provide excellent coverage of the cereal head. Use a minimum of 100 L/ha of water for ground application 50 L/ha if water for aerial application. Maximum 1 application/yr. 5-day re-entry period.


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