Soybeans: Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

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  1. Description
  2. Integrated Pest Management Options
  • imidacloprid + deltamethrin - Concept
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Integrated Pest Management Options

This pest is most commonly found in the Niagara/Hamilton region, though it is known to be present across Ontario. If the defoliation by adults exceeds the thresholds, insecticide applications may be necessary. Defoliation thresholds for soybeans are available in the OMAFRA Publication 811, Agronomy Guide for Field Crops.

Active ingredient imidacloprid + deltamethrin
Trade name Concept
Rate per hectare (product) 325-650 mL per ha
Rate per acre (product) 131-263 mL per ac
PHI* 20
Comments Do not apply this product if following a seed treatment or soil application of a Group 4 Insecticide (neonicotinoids) within that season. Ground application only. Use high rate for fastest knockdown and best residual control. Minimum of 5 days between applications. Maximum 3 applications/yr. 24-hr re-entry period.


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