Agronomy Guide for Field Crops - Publication 811

This publication is a comprehensive guide to field crop production. The latest recommendations on all aspects of producing field crops are included. Information on tillage options, soil management, variety selection, seeding, fertility, harvest, storage and more make this an important tool for a better bottom line. Descriptions of crop problems and more than 150 colour plates help with quick diagnosis. Diagnostic guides and scouting calendars make this publication a useful resource.

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Table of Contents


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Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1 Corn
Chapter 2 Soybeans
Chapter 3 Forages
Chapter 4 Cereals
Chapter 5 Dry Edible Beans
Chapter 6 Spring and Winter Canola
Chapter 7 Other Crops
Chapter 8 Soil Management
Chapter 9 Soil Fertility and Nutrient Use
Chapter 10 Field Scouting
Chapter 11 On-Farm Stored Grain Management
Chapter 12 Weed Control
Chapter 13 Insects and Pests of Field Crops
Chapter 14 Diseases of Field Crops
Chapter 15 Appendices

Editor: Chris Brown, Field Crop Program Lead, OMAFRA

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 30 April 2009
Last Reviewed: 28 October 2013