Notes on Saskatoon Berry Diseases: Entomosporium leaf and berry spot


This is the most serious disease of saskatoons. Small angular brown spots first develop on lower leaves and eventually cause leaves to yellow. Lesions may also develop on the petioles and cause leaf drop. Infected fruit has small, grey lesions and becomes disfigured and cracked.

Period of activity

The fungus overwinters on fallen leaves and twigs. New infections are favoured by rain in the spring and early summer.

Management Notes

  • Adjust plant density and pruning practices to provide adequate airflow through the row.
  • Control weeds in the row and use trickle irrigation rather than overhead sprinklers.
  • Several fungicides are labelled for control of this disease. See Saskatoon Berry Calendar.

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Author: OMAFRA Staff
Creation Date: 17 May 2006
Last Reviewed: 17 May 2006