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  1. Introducing Livestock to Pastures
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Introducing Livestock to Pasture

A gradual conversion to pasture is best.

  • Start early.

    Spring pasture growth is quick. Animals can go on pasture when the forage is 7 cm tall, provided the fields are dry enough to support the animals and the animals are going to be removed when the forage is 3 cm tall.

    Practice bloat control management if pastures have a high content of bloat causing legumes.

  • Start cows with 2–3 hours of grazing per day.

    Gradually increase the time on pasture. This will help the animals adapt to grazing, and the rumen microbe population adapt to the fresh pasture forage.

  • Take 2–3 weeks... make the conversion if the pasture is supplying all or most of the forage component of the diet.

    Adjust rations fed in the barn by gradually feeding less stored forage prior to pasturing.


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