OMRI Canada Pilot Program Update

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) previous-ly operated only in the USA as a third party review sys-tem for organic inputs within the USDA National Organic Program. In July of 2013, OMRI began accepting Cana-dian products on a pilot project basis for review within the Canada Organic Regime (COR). The pilot program, known as the OMRI Canada Products List, is currently accepting products that have previously been reviewed under the OMRI US National Organic Program process.

If the program is successful, OMRI intends to open the review process to other interested input suppliers in Canada.

The initial review panel members for the OMRI Canada Products List include Rochelle Eisen, Garry Lean, and Kelly Monaghan.

According to OMRI Canada's website, OMRI and OMRI listing is not officially recognised by the Government of Canada. The Canada Organic Office, however, will al-low OMRI's review process and permit the Canadian Certifying Bodies (CB) to elect the use of the list and accept or decline OMRI's reviews. For more information about OMRI Canada's review process please visit their website at

OMRI listing does not replace approval by Canadian CB's. Growers should always confirm acceptability of inputs with CB's prior to use.

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