Organic Value Chain Roundtable Recommendations: Managing GMO Contamination Risks

In September 2012, the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) posted three recommendations from the Organic Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT) - an industry led initiative developed to better understand the needs of the organic sector in Canada.

The OVCRT recently released the following three recommendations in regards to GMO contamination risk:

  • The government should implement compulsory best practices for GMO users, which would place the responsibility on them for preventing GMO contamination. Agricultural practices would include establishing adequate buffer-zones around the GMO crops to protect surrounding areas.
  • Modernizing the GMO government approval process to include meaningful environmental risk assessments, consideration of economic impact of cross presence of GMO on non users, and implement the overdue courtesy to Canadian consumers of mandatory labelling of foods containing GMO.
  • Government should manage a fund financed by the biotech industry which would compensate organic producers for damages associated with contamination, such as the loss of organic markets or costs of product rejection.

The OFC is looking for your feedback on the three recommendations. To provide your comments and suggestions, please visit their blog at

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