Horticulture Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Greenhouse and nursery water videos
  2. Pest management videos
  3. Production videos
    1. Bird banger and wind machine videos
    2. High density apple orchards videos
    3. Irrigation management videos

    Greenhouse and nursery water videos

    Greenhouse water analysis

    Learn how to sample, monitor and analyse water samples and learn about feedwater land application.

    Greenhouse Water Treatment

    Watch videos about treatment and filtration systems including constructed wetlands, woodchip biofilters and vegetated filter strips.

    Pest management videos

    Brown marmorated stink bug videos

    Videos on identifying, scouting and setting traps for brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB)

    Production videos

    Bird banger and wind machine videos

    Learn how bird bangers work, how to set the controls and find out how a wind machine can help protect a vineyard or orchard from cold injury.

    High density apple orchards

    Learn about apple trellises for high density apple orchards - why plant them, how to train new and growing trees, building strong trellises and managing cropload.

    Improving water efficiency in irrigated operations

    Learn how to maintain an irrigation system, which instruments monitor soil moisture and how to interpret soil moisture monitoring data.

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