Fruit Tracker-A new record keeping tool to improve your organization

Fruit Tracker is a new tool for tender fruit growers that can help you keep better records! Fruit Tracker is a record keeping, and orchard management system that helps growers keep accurate records for food & worker safety, pest management and production. By entering spray, fertilizer, harvest and other event data into the system, growers can track chemical usage, pre-harvest intervals, re-entry intervals, and generate reports on their orchards by the block.

This on-line tool has its roots in the Fruit Tracker project developed for apples by East Central Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association in the early 2000's. Fruit Tracker has evolved from the desktop version (called Fruit Tracker) to an on-line program that tracks all orchard management events year round, in one place, ready at your fingertips when you need them. That's being organized!

All members of the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers will be able to (OTFPB) have their own personal, private site for Fruit Tracker accessed with login and passcode. The first step to getting started is to sign up to have your orchards GPS mapped by Agricorp. If your orchards are not mapped, give Larissa Osborne at the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers a call at 905-688-0990 ext.235 to see about having this mapping done. If your orchards have been mapped you are already registered to have a FruitTracker account.

Like any other program, it takes a little time to get used to it but once you do, it is simple to use. If you need to make corrections there are lots of opportunities to edit your inputs. When logging on to your site, a "dashboard" will display a series of tabs - Growing, Harvest, Packing, Storage, Shipping, GAP/Audits and Reports. For pesticide applications (under Growing), there are lots of cool features. Each chemical listed is linked to the label. You can add new chemicals to the list.

A drop-down list will show existing treatments from Publication 360, showing the name, formulation, rates and target pest. You add the - When, Why, Where and What for your spray event - and Fruit Tracker will record it and ask you to confirm. Fruit Tracker will be able to send you alerts by email when re-entry intervals have passed or when it is safe to harvest. An "All Events" tab gives a quick look of all the events that you have recorded from spray application, employee training, harvest, storage to building assessments. The system uses this information in completing your CanadaGap required reports. An exciting feature is the chemical inventory - you input your current inventory, record purchases and the program keeps track of what is in your spray shed.

More features are being developed. You will be able to produce cost of production reports by block, production practice modules, have WIN weather data integration and use new technology to input your packing and shipping events. We are excited to see the iPad scouting app being developed too!

Webinars will be available from the OTFPB in March to walk you through the program. Haven't thought about getting started on yet? Get Started today!


For more information:
Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300