Fire Blight Management Project Update

OrchardMAX is a free app developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to improve sprayer efficiency and effectiveness in apple orchards. The app is based on the Crop-Adapted Spraying model, which was tested in semi-dwarf and high-density apple orchards in Ontario and Nova Scotia from 2013 to present day. The primary goal of the app is to help the sprayer operator achieve consistent coverage, no matter the architecture of the orchard block, throughout the season. Research has demonstrated that following the process improves coverage while reducing wasted spray by an average of 20% over the season.

OrchardMAX will:

  • Accept Metric or US Imperial units
  • Create an inventory of your orchard airblast sprayers
  • Create an inventory of your orchard blocks
  • Determine optimal sprayer settings based on the average size, shape and density of the trees in the block
  • Propose a pesticide dose for each block, including ideal nozzle rates, water volume and product(s) per tank
  • Develop a permanent spray record that can be emailed to the user for archival

OrchardMAX won't:

  • Exceed label rates
  • Calibrate your sprayer
  • Confirm spray coverage
  • Account for environmental conditions such as wind, humidity or temperature
  • Advise a volume below 400 L/ha (about 42.5 US g/ac)
  • Advise a dose that is less than 1/2 the label rate (that may seem low, but consider a first-year planting)
  • Work on other orchard crops (e.g. cherry, pear, etc.).
  • So far, it has only been tested in apples.

Recognizing that this app can only approximate ideal sprayer settings based on data entered by the user, minor adjustments are still required on the part of the sprayer operator. Specifically, the sprayer operator must still calibrate and adjust the sprayer air to match the tree and the environmental conditions and confirm coverage using water-and-oil sensitive paper.

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Please rate the app so we know it's being used and can work to improve it. Please opt in to provide us with usage information so we can see how it's being used - this is entirely private and we will not contact you. For more information on the Crop-Adapted Spraying model behind the app, go here:

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