In a recent article in Southeast Farm Press, Dr. Stanley Culpepper, University of Georgia Extension weed specialist, shared his data on crop sensitivity (visual injury) to dicamba and 2,4-D. Note that most of this data is from trials in Georgia (and some of the crops on the list reflect that).

Dicamba Visual Sensitivity Scale for GA - 2017

(Herbicide rate of visually detectable injury in brackets following sensitivity level)

Lower (>1/75X): Broccoli, cabbage, kale, mustard, pecan, turnip

Moderate (1/75-1/300X): Cantaloupe, cucumber, peach, peanut, squash

Severe (1/300-1/800X): Cotton, pepper, tomato, watermelon

Extreme <1/800X): Grapes, lima bean, southern pea, snap bean, soybean, sweet potato, tobacco

For relative comparison, tomato, squash, and watermelon response to Roundup would be in the "lower category"

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