Weed control in blackberries

Myth Busting Time! Are all of the herbicides labelled for raspberries also legal to use on blackberries?

No. Blackberries are not always on the same herbicide label as raspberries. Please be careful when choosing herbicide options for use on blackberries. Only the products registered specifically for blackberries or registered for the caneberry crop group can be used on blackberries.

In order to reduce the confusion, a new "Blackberry" section has been proposed for the next edition of Publication #75 Guide to Weed Control 2016-2017. Please see the blackberry section below for labelled herbicides available to you this season!

Blackberries - registered herbicides
Trade Name (concentration) Product Rate Precautions

Devrinol DF XT (50 DF-XT)


Devrinol DF (50 DF)

9 kg/ha New and established plantings HOWEVER, established plantings is recommended
DO NOT apply to frozen ground
Apply in the fall through early spring prior to weed emergence
If rainfall does not occur 24-72 hours after application, shallow incorporation (2.5-5cm) or irrigation (5-10cm) is necessary
Use as a directed spray and avoid contact with fruit and foliage
DO NOT apply at harvest
DO NOT graze treated areas
Princep Nine-T (90 WG) 2.5-3.75 kg/ha in 300L of water Established planting ONLY
Apply to base of canes in early spring
DO NOT apply by air
DO NOT spray young shoots
Apply ONLY once per yea

Poast Ultra (450 g/L)

+ Merge or Assist (0.5-2.0 L/ha)

0.32-1.1 L/ha DO NOT APPLY BY AIR
PRIOR TO FULL APPLICATION, apply to a small area to confirm crop tolerance
Consult your plant supplier for more information on varietal tolerance pertaining to blackberries
DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm
Apply as a directed spray application to the base of the blackberries
ONLY use ground equipment
Pre-harvest interval is 37 days
For annual grass use 0.32 L/ha. Apply at the 1-6 stage ( 2-5 is optimum)
For volunteer grains use 0.47 L/ha. Apply at the 1-6 stage ( 2-5 is optimum)
For quackgrass, use 1.1 L/ha. Apply up to the 3 leaf stage.

Prism (25 DF)

+ Agral 90 or Ag-Surf or Citowett Plus (2L/1,000L)

60 grams/ha Established plantings ONLY
Make an early postemergent application to actively growing weeds
Use a directed spray application while minimizing the amount contacting the blackberry plants
ONLY use ground equipment
Use a minimum of 100 L of water/ha
Recommended spray volume is 140-190 L/ha
DO NOT apply more than 60 grams/ha per year if broadcast spraying
If applied as a banded treatment (50% band or less) Prism can be applied twice per year
Pre-harvest interval is 21 days

Aim EC (240 g/L)

+ Agral 90 or Ag-Surf (0.25L/100L)
or Merge (1L/100L)

37-117 mL/ha in 100 L spray solution Hooded sprayer application ONLY
Between the rows, apply to actively growing weeds less than 10cm tall
DO NOT allow spray contact with blackberry leaves or canes or injury will occur
Applications should NOT be made within 6-8 hours of rain or irrigation or when heavy dew is present on the crop
ONLY one application per year
Pre-harvest interval is 15 days

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