Pre-bloom micronutrient applications for pears and apples

Some micronutrients can be applied pre-bloom to assist fruit buds in recovering from cold winter temperatures injury. The table1 below summaries micronutrients and application timing.

Always check labels for rates, compatibility and precautions before combining and applying products.

Nutrient Green tip-1/4" green ½" green Tight cluster-pink Cover sprays Comments
Copper Apply from silver tip to ¼" green and/or after harvest       Later applications or use during freezing temperatures will cause injury to apples.
Boron   Assist recovery from winter injury Improve fruit set and correct low boron levels if the previous season analysis was less than 35 ppm, or when buds have been injured by cold weather. 7-10 day after petal fall and 20-25 days after petal fall. Pre-bloom sprays generally do not increase boron for leaf samples taken at the normal leaf sampling time (60-70 days after petal fall timing)
Manganese       7-10 days after petal fall  
Zinc   Assist recovery from winter injury When leaf analysis shows deficient levels or symptoms of winter injury are evident. 2-4 cover sprays required to obtain adequate response.  

1 Adapted from Stiles, W.C., 2004. Micronutrient Management in Apple Orchards, New York State Horticultural Society.

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