This graph plots three data sets. On the Y axis is the number of nematodes per millilitre, from 50- to 250. On the X axis is the sample number, from 1 to 10. In the first trial, denoted by blue circles, 10 samples were taken at ten minute intervals, making each tick on the X axis 10 minutes each for that trial. Nematode concentration slopes positively, dropping about 40% from an initial 210 nematodes per millilitre to about 150 nematodes per millilitre. In this trial, no tank-rinse was used. The second data set, denoted by red squares, also slopes positively by about 15% from about 175 nematodes per millilitre to about 145 nematodes per millilitre. In this case, samples were taken every minute and no tank-rinse was used. In the final data set, denoted by green triangles, the slope is only slightly positive, dropping by only 5%. In this case, the tank rinse was operational, and had a statistically significant impact by maintaining nematode concentration throughout the 10 minute spray application.

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