New videos on adjusting airblast settings

I was recently invited by the University of New Hampshire and Penn State University to participate in some train-the-trainer sessions on airblast sprayer calibration. One of our objectives was to create a video on how to match sprayer settings to the crop, and how to confirm sprayer coverage. Thanks to a lot of patient editing by some talented people, we now have two.

The first video demonstrates:

  • How to adjust the air deflectors on a radial airblast sprayer
  • How to determine which nozzles should be on or off
  • How to match the air settings to the crop canopy
  • How to perform the Gear-Up, Throttle-Down method

The second video demonstrates:

  • How to place water-sensitive papers in a canopy
  • How to diagnose coverage using water-sensitive papers

To watch these videos, go to: Sprayers 101.

Special thanks to Kerry Richards (Penn State), George Hamilton (University of New Hampshire), Chazzo Media and the New Hampshire grower co-operators.

For more information on airblast sprayers, visit Sprayers 101.

Figure 1 - Grasping at lines in New Hampshire.

Figure 1. Grasping at lines in New Hampshire.

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