This graph depicts three possible atmospheric temperature profiles in the Lower Troposphere. The Y-axis represents elevation in metres and the X-axis represents temperature in Celsius. The first profile is the air temperature on a clear, calm midday. The Adiabatic lapse Rate is minus one degree Celsius per 100 metre elevation, and is graphed as a positively-skewed line from 25 degrees Celsius at the Earth's surface. The second profile is the air temperature on a windy midday. In this case, the slope of the slight asymptote is near-vertical, beginning at 19 degrees Celsius and curving slightly to 18 degrees Celsius at 1000 metres, where it approaches linearity. The third and final profile is the air temperature during a surface inversion before sunset. This sinusoidal curve starts at 15 degrees at the Earth's surface, reaching 24 degrees at the 100 metre elevation, before cooling again at a shallow angle to 22 degrees Celsius at a 1000 metre elevation.

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