Have you seen this pest - brown marmorated stink bug?

Brown marmorated stink bugs have been active for about a month now. Last week we found early instar nymphs at one of the "hot spots" in Hamilton, ON, where we are tracking their development. This week we are seeing larger 3rd and 4th instar nymphs. Overwintering adults are still alive and laying eggs. We have not found BMSB in crops yet, but it is easy to miss small populations, especially early in the year. BMSB has a broad appetite that includes fruits, vegetables, and agronomic crops, as well as ornamental trees and shrubs; it is often described as "tree-loving". Plants bearing reproductive structures (fruiting bodies, buds, pods, keys) tend to support more bugs than plants without these parts. Populations often build up unnoticed in non-crop hosts before moving into nearby fields.

Brown marmorated stink bug nymph

Brown marmorated stink bug nymph

A list of documented hosts in the US that support both adults and nymphs (reproductive hosts) has just been posted http://www.stopbmsb.org/where-is-bmsb/host-plants/. Although there is a provincial survey underway in Ontario this year, we are encouraging everyone to be on the look-out for this invasive pest.

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