New products for berry growers

By Pam Fisher, Berry Crop Specialist , OMAFRA

There are always lots of new registrations at this time of year! Many new uses are listed in the 2015 Supplement to Publication #360, Guide to Fruit Production. This is now on line at:

New products in the Supplement to Pub. #360 include:

  • Nealta (cyflumetofen) registered by BASF Canada Inc, for two-spotted spider mite on strawberry
  • Quilt (azoxystrobin & propiconazole) registered by Syngenta Canada Inc. for mummyberry and anthracnose on blueberry.

Label expansions and new uses in the Supplement to Pub. #360 include:

  • Actara 25 WG for suppression of black vine weevil and strawberry root weevil on strawberry
  • Altacor for raspberry cane borer on raspberry
  • Exirel for obliquebanded leafroller and adult weevils on elderberry, saskatoon berry, sea buckthorn
  • Intrepid 240 for obliquebanded leafroller on raspberry
  • Nova Fungicide for white pine blister rust on currant and gooseberry
  • Switch 62.5 WG for botrytis on currant, gooseberry, elderberry and sea buckthorn

More recent registrations include:

  • Indar Fungicide (fenbuconazole) registered by Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. to control mummy berry on highbush blueberries
  • Purespray Green Spray Oil 13E (mineral oil) on berry crops for suppression of spider mites , and to deter feeding by aphids, and also for powdery mildew suppression on blackberry, buffaloberry, cloudberry, currant, elderberry, gooseberry, jostaberry, juneberry, raspberry, strawberry.
  • Prism SG Herbicide (rimsulfuron) registered by Dupont Canada Inc. for control of weeds on caneberries (blackberries and raspberries)
  • Apogee Plant Growth Regulator (prohexadione calcium) registered by BASF Canada Inc. for runner suppression in strawberries.

These products are not in the supplement but details can be found on line in the ONFruit Blog.

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