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Apple Production

Managing High Density Apple Orchards

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Crop Management

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Pruning and Training:

Plant Growth Regulators:


Soil, Fertility & Crop Nutrition

Recommended soil, fertility & crop nutrition resources:


Water supply, timing, amount, fertigation, permits. Filter out the information you need with the resources below:

Recommended irrigation resources:


Browse these pages for information on organic production, certification, and the business side of organic agriculture:

Recommended organic crop resources:

Pest Management

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Pest Management - General

Recommended resources:

Monitoring & Scouting

Diseases and Disorders

Recommended resources:


Insects & Mites

Recommended resources:

Beneficial Insects and Mites


Recommended resources:

Vertebrate Pest Management

Pesticide safety

Recommended resources:

Pesticide Application
Spraying Techniques
Drift Reduction

Harvest & Postharvest

Find information on harvest, cooling, storage, grading, inspection, and postharvest issues in the recommended resources below:

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Storage Problems

Storage Recommendations



Food Safety

These index pages will get you to the information you need:

Recommended food safety resources:

Business and Innovation

Sharpen your pencil and browse OMAFRA's business and innovation resources:

Business planning

Recommended resources:

Marketing and value added

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Farm programs

Recommended resources:


Recommended resources:

Weather and Climate

You can't control the weather, but you can be prepared. And it's always a good topic of conversation.

Recommended weather and climate resources:

Environmental Stewardship

You can find lots of information on these index pages:

Recommended environmental stewardship resources:

Specialists and Services

Stats and Facts

Tools and Additional Resources

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