Figure 1. Percentage of precleaned grain mass (Mass (%)), percentage of total DON (DON (%)) in precleaned grain mass and DON concentration (DON (ppm)) in five density fractions from gravity table cleaner, where C represents original precleaned grain mass and F represents fines and broken materials (figure and description from Schaafsma et al, 2004).

DON concentrations increased as density decreased. The highest levels were in the fines and broken materials at over 15 ppm (F) compared to 2.7 ppm for the precleaned corn (C) (Figure 1). The heaviest corn fraction (79.2 kg/hL) had about 40% of the DON concentration, but 70% of the weight of the precleaned grain. This supports the notion that removing fines or lighter corn should also remove higher DON portions of the grain.

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