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  2. Other Names
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  4. General Description
  5. Stems and Roots
  6. Leaves
  7. Flowers and Fruit
  8. Habitat
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Name: Stinking wall-rocket, Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC.,

Other Names: Sand-rocket, diplotaxis des murailles, diplotaxis des murs

Family: Mustard Family (Cruciferae)

General Description: Annual, reproducing only by seed.

Photos and Pictures

Stinking wall rocket.

Stinking wall rocket. A. Base of annual plant.
Stinking wall rocket. A. Base of annual plant.  

Stems & Roots: Stems 20-50cm (8-20in.) long, spreading erect or nearly horizontal, much-branched, smooth.

Leaves: Leaves mostly clustered in a basal rosette and on the lower part of the stem, alternate (1 per node), elongated, deeply lobed or toothed.

Flowers & Fruit: Flowers like Wild mustard but lighter lemon yellow and on stalks 1-1.5cm (2/5-3/5in.) long; pods 2-3.5cm (4/5-1½in.) long with a very short beak but not developing a short stipe (see Narrow-leaved wall-rocket); flower stalks spreading at an angle from the stem. The whole plant has a distinctly unpleasant odour, somewhat resembling that of rotting turnips. Flowers from May to September.

Habitat: Stinking wall-rocket usually occurs in coarse soils along roads, railways, beaches, around buildings and in waste places in southern Ontario

Similar Species: It is distinguished by its leaves being mostly clustered near the base, the upper part of its stem being usually more or less branched and spreading, its lemon yellow flowers followed by short seedpods, and the very unpleasant odour from all parts of the plant.

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