Ontario Weeds: Smooth perennial sow-thistle

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  4. General Description
  5. Habitat
  6. Similar Species
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Name: Smooth perennial sow-thistle, Sonchus arvensis L. var. glabrescens Guenth, Grab. & Wimm.,

Other Names: laiteron des champs glabre, Creeping sow-thistle, Field sow-thistle, Perennial sow-thistle, Sonchus uliginosus Bieb

Family: Composite or Aster Family (Compositae

General Description: In Smooth perennial sow-thistle the stems and involucral bracts around the flower heads are smooth, completely lacking the dark glandular hairs characteristic of Perennial sow-thistle.

Photos and Pictures

Smooth perennial sow-thistle.

Habitat: Smooth perennial sow-thistle occupies similar habitats to those of its sister variety. It is common only in extreme southwestern Ontario and in the northern and northwestern parts of the province, although it occurs sporadically elsewhere.

Similar Species: Virtually identical to Perennial sow-thistle in seedling and juvenile stages, being distinguishable only after the flower heads begin to form and open.

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