Ontario Weeds: Smooth ground-cherry

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Table of Contents

  1. Name
  2. Other Names
  3. Family
  4. General Description
  5. Flowers and Fruit
  6. Habitat
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Name: Smooth ground-cherry, Physalis virginiana Mill. Var. subglabrata (MacKenz. & Bush) U.T. Waterfall,

Other Names: coqueret glabre, Physalis subglabrata MacKenz. & Bush

Family: Nightshade or Potato Family (Solanaceae)

General Description: Perennial, reproducing by seed and by deeply penetrating and widely spreading roots.

Photos and Pictures

Smooth Ground-cherry

Smooth Ground-cherry

Flowers & Fruit: Very similar in habit and form to Clammy ground-cherry, but the whole plant is nearly or quite hairless and lacks the clammy texture.

Habitat: Smooth ground-cherry occurs in similar situations to those occupied by Clammy ground-cherry, especially in southwestern Ontario.

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