Ontario Weeds: Round-leaved mallow

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Name: Round-leaved mallow, Malva pusilla Sm.

Other Names: mauve à fueilles rondes, Cheeses, Garden mallow, mauve très grèle, Malva rotundifolia L.

Family: Mallow Family (Malvaceae)

General Description: Very similar in habitat and general appearance to Common mallow but differs by having smaller flowers with petals only about 6mm (1/4in.) long, andthe back of each "seed" section flat, rather than round, and covered with a network of fine ridges and depressions. It also flowers at about the same time as Common mallow.

Photos and Pictures:

Round-leaved mallow. E. Fruit (rind of "seeds").
Round-leaved mallow. E. Fruit (rind of "seeds").

Habitat: It occurs throughout most of Ontario in similar habitats but is not as abundant as Common mallow.

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