Ontario Weeds: Eulalia

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Name: Eulalia, Miscanthus sinensis Anderss.,

Family: Grass Family (Gramineae)
General Description: Tall perennial with spreading rhizomes.


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Similar Species: It is distinguished from them by its purplish to brownish, feathery-hairy inflorescence [tan coloured but not feathery in Johnson grass, or feathery-hairy but white to silvery in Eulalia]; by its very fine, almost hair-like seeds (longer, plump and hard in Johnson grass, or thin with a membranous covering and usually enclosed in silky-hairy chaff in Eulalia); and by its complex leaf-base with tufts of hairs on each side of the collar and the very long ligule hairs that soon fall off leaving only a band of very short hairs on an even shorter membranous base [ligule only membranous and 2-5mm (1/12-1/5in.) long in Johnson grass, or, in Eulalia, although it has a similar band of short hairs (about 2mm, 1/12in. long) on a very short membrane, it does not have the very long hairs that are present in ligules of young leaves of Common reed.

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