Ontario Weeds: Common yellow wood-sorrel

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Name: Common yellow wood-sorrel, Oxalis dillenii Jacq.,

Other Names: oxalide de Dillenius, Oxalis, Sour-clover, Oxalis stricta misapplied

Family: Oxalis Family (Oxalidaceae)

General Description: Common yellow wood-sorrel is somewhat grayish-green because of very short, closely appressed hairs; its stems lack the long hair, and after flowering, the stalks of its seedpods bend at the nodes and become more or less zig-zagged so they resemble the letters "N" or "Z". Other technical differences that distinguish among these wood-sorrels are beyond the scope of this book.

Photos and Pictures

Common yellow wood sorrel. 

Common yellow wood sorrel. 

Common yellow wood sorrel. B. Plant.
Common yellow wood sorrel. B. Plant.

Habitat: Occasional weeds in lawns, gardens and waste areas throughout Ontario.

Similar Species: This are distinguished from Black medick by their leaflets being heart-shaped, the absence of a distinct stalk for one of the three leaflets (characteristic of Black medick), their yellow flowers having 5 uniformly shaped petals, and their long, narrow seedpods containing several seeds. The leaves of these wood-sorrels resemble those of the shamrock (a variety of White clover, Trifolium repens L.) and have a characteristically sour taste (hence, one of their common names being "sour-clover").

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