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Name: Chokecherry, Prunus virginiana L.,

Other Names: cerisier à grappes, cerisier de virginie

Family: Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae)

Photos and Pictures

Chokecherry. Leaves and fruit.

Similar Species: Is often confused with the buckthorns because of similar growth form, leaf shape, and fruit size and colour. However, Chokecherry does not have thorns; the side veins of its leaves do not curve forward; its blue-black or deep red fruits have only a single stone; and its young twigs and leaves have an "almond" odour when crushed.

Caution: Chokecherry leaves and branches are poisonous to livestock but the flesh of its fruits is wholely edible. Chokecherry is an alternate host of peach X-disease, a leafhopper-vectored mycoplasm that causes peach trees to die prematurely.

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