Noxious Weeds Profile - Yellow Rocket

Table of Contents

  1. Names
  2. Photos
  3. Current Status
  4. Poisonous/Cautions
  5. Distribution
  6. Growth Habit
  7. Method of Propagation
  8. Control
  9. Other Comments
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  • English - yellow rocket
  • French - barbarée vulgare
  • Latin Name - Barbarea spp.


Yellow Rocket.Yellow Rocket.

Current Status

  • Ontario Weeds Act - noxious
  • Other provinces - noxious in Quebec
  • Canadian Federal Seeds Act - Class 2
  • U.S. Federal Noxious Weed - no
  • U.S. Noxious State Reg - 4 states (including Mich, Minn)


  • Pub 505 - none
  • NE Weeds - none
  • Canadian Poison Plant - This plant poisoned a horse in one unusual case in which the animal ate large quantities of the plant from a wagon that was hauling the weed from a field (Hansen 1930). The symptoms suggested gluocosinolate poisoning, as in Brassica spp.
  • Cornell Poison Plant - not listed


  • Common throughout most of Ontario, found in pastures, meadows, waste areas, roadsides. Early emerging weed common on disturbed soils.

Growth Habit

  • Biennial

Method of Propagation

  • Seeds


  • Top growth control only with 2,4-D. Not listed on Banvel or Roundup labels. Spray at rosette stage. Mow as early as flowers appear and mow low enough to cut lowest flowering stalks. Cultivation in late summer and fall will destroy most rosettes.

Other Comments

  • Yellow rocket can be a host for early spring pests of brassica crops such as cabbage and canola.

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