Noxious Weeds Profile - Goat's Beard spp.

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  • English - meadow goat's-beard, yellow goatsbeard, common salsify
  • French - salsifis des prés, salsifis majeur, salsifis cultivé
  • Latin - Tragopogon pratensis, Tragopogon dubius, Tragopogon porrifolius


Goat's Beard
Goat's-beard flowers

Current Status

  • Ontario Weeds Act - noxious
  • Other provinces - noxious in Manitoba (meadow goat's-beard only)
  • Canadian Federal Seeds Act - no
  • U.S. Federal Noxious Weed - no
  • U.S. Noxious State Reg - none


  • Pub 505 - none
  • NE Weeds - none
  • Canadian Poison Plant - not listed
  • Cornell Poison Plant - not listed


  • Not common in cultivated fields. Mostly in pastures, and roadsides.

Growth Habit

  • Biennial

Method of Propagation

  • Seeds


  • Listed on 2,4-D label, best control when plants are small. Cutting early in season before flowering. Repeat mowing later in the season. Repeated cultivation over a season and also give control.

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