Herbicide Injury: Aatrex, Sencor, Simadex (Triazine Herbicides) injury on Soybeans

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Triazine injury on the lower leaves of soybeans.

Triazine injury on the lower leaves of soybeans. Leaves will show interveinal chlorosis and a yellowing of leaf margins and tips followed by browning. Lower leaves are affected most. There may also be reduced root growth. Triazine injury usually results from barry-over in the soil of residues from applications of herbicides containing atrazine in previous years. See also Aatrex, Senor and Simadex.

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Horst Bohner - Soybean Specialist/OMAFRA; Mike Cowbrough - Weed Management Field Crops Program Lead/OMAFRA

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Last Reviewed: 25 August 2003