New Apple Cultivars: Silken

Silken Variety

Originally tested as (8S-04-33). Parentage is Honeygold X Sunrise from the breeding program at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre - Summerland B.C. It is an early fall selection that was noted for its unique white gold porcelain colour and for its outstanding texture and flavour. It is a multiple-pick apple usually harvested over two weeks just ahead of and into the McIntosh season. The fruit hangs well in the canopy and maintains its fresh quality characteristics over a period of 2 - 3 weeks.

Fruit is medium in size and rated very high in appearance and flavour tests. The skin colour is cream having a translucent appearance like white porcelain with a bright lustre. Occasionally a slight pink blush is present but no stripes. Stem-bowl russetting is characteristic but does not extend over the shoulder. Lenticels are inconspicuous. It is firm, crisp and juicy. It is high in aromatic intensity and sweetness and moderate in acidity. It has a short storage life, about 8 weeks in air storage (0°C) and is best suited for direct sales.

Tree is moderately vigorous (similar to Gala), spreading and moderately spurry. It is easy to train to high-density systems. It is highly precocious and has a tendency to set heavily and prompt thinning is recommended.

1999 Apple Catalogue, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland, B.C.

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