New Apple Cultivars: Enterprise

Enterprize Variety

A 1994 release by the PRI (Purdue/Rutgers/ Illinois) program. Parentage includes McIntosh and Delicious.

Fruit is medium to large in size and ripens two weeks after Red Delicious. Colour is a bright dark red almost burgundy, and only moderately attractive. Skin is smooth, very thick, with prominent lenticels. The moderately acid spicy flavour improves with storage. Fruit hangs on the tree well even when mature.

Tree is moderately to highly vigorous, annual in bearing, and its production is moderate to good. Lenticel spotting may be a low calcium disorder.

Has field immunity to scab, resistance to rust and to fire blight, and moderate resistance to powdery mildew.

Dr. S. Brown, New York Fruit Quarterly. Volume 7 Number 1, Spring 1999

Dr. J. Cline, Cultivar Trials Report, Horticulture Experiment Station, Simcoe. 1999

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Author: Original Author: Ken Wilson, formerly with OMAFRA; Reviewed by John Gardner - Apple Specialist/OMAFRA
Creation Date:
15 June 2001
Last Reviewed:
15 November 2005